• In my opinion this is one of the best places to go to taste old Dhaka style food..great place.. friendly staff... delicious food..what else do you need 🙂 5/5
    Hasnaine Sayed
  • Top notch Bangladeshi food in London! Probably the most authentic flavours in all of the Bangladeshi cuisine restaurants in London. Doesn’t try to cater to European tastes by using milder ingredients. Perfect levels of spice ticking all the boxes and really takes you back to enjoying a delicious feast at a Puran Dhaka wedding!
    Arvid Chowdhury
  • Good cooked rice with salad and curry sauce, price just £6. I love the price and the authentic taste.
    Syed Hadi
  • This place serves the best biriyani in UK. You know when you go to indian restaurent and order biriyani and got served some fried basmati rice with chunk of meat , back home its not biriyani, Back home it is dog food. This restaurent use kalijira rice ( a type of rice which only grows in two countries in the world and 3 times more expensive then basmati , but the difference is day and night) and instead of those tasteless basmati rice . Their food is amazing and taste authentic and best biriyani in UK .
    kazi titu
  • When I feel like having Deshi food I go with my kids
    Hazera Islam